Our pressure washing services use the best equipment the market has to offer.  When it comes to units, there is a wide range of type and power.  In order to to properly clean and remove surface dirt, grime, gum, spills and other stubborn stains, we use hot water pressure washing.  Our units are capable of producing a pressure of 3500 PSI and a water flow of 5.5 gallons per minute.

Our pressure washing units are equipped with flat surface cleaners or spinners.  This cleaning method outperforms the use of the wand-and-tip process that many other companies utilize instead.  Our system ensures more efficient cleaning, saving you both time and money.  We pride ourselves on doing a job well done.

Other important features that our units have are:

  • Our hot water temperature can be adjusted to reach up to 200 degrees–hot enough to fight the toughest stains.
  • We use a cleaning solution and chemical injection system.  This system is only found in high-end units.  With this method, a cleaning solution mixes with the water and is ran through a pump that sprays at an extremely high pressure, providing a deeper and more effective cleaning procedure.
  • Water Recapture—Our portable recycle system is simple, economical and efficient. The vacuum and filtration system provides six stages of filtration. Our system is the choice of professional cleaners to protect the environment, conserve water, and comply with EPA storm drain requirements.

We offer free estimates! As a business owner, our goal is to provide the best service at the best price that reflects the quality of service. Rates will vary slightly depending on the amount of surface area to be cleaned plus the complexity of the job.