Spring is the Time for Headlight Restoration!

It’s that time of year once again!  You need the best visibility you can get from your headlights.

Headlights fade over time.  It’s just one of those things that happen.  When your headlights start to fade, the amount of light you get out of them becomes much less.  Before you know it, you’re driving in a storm or at night and it’s not only difficult to see–it’s dangerous!  This is an effect of oxidation on the lens.  Once this natural process begins, it quickly reduces the quality of the lens, a poly-carbonate material that is sensitive to this reaction.  Wet sanding helps to restore your lens to a safer condition by removing the oxidized effect.

We use a full restoration kit when restoring your headlights.  With this process, we attach different grits of sandpaper to a drill and compound pad and apply a special solution to give your headlights the clearest visibility.

Check out the difference!


Benefits include:

  • Visibility – Increase safety during nighttime driving especially during the winter months

  • Clarity – Increase light projection

  • Appearance – Maintain beauty and value of your vehicle

Don’t wait until the weather hits!  Drop off you car at DFW International Airport’s valet and ask a representative about purchasing a headlight restoration.  You’ll feel safer and more comfortable this season once you do.

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